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Telavivian is back

by Dalit Nemirovsky | 30.08.15

Dear readers,

Telavivian is back.
After 3 years on the air, Telavivian took a short break this summer in order to return to you better, more beautiful, more creative and with new and exciting features.
So for those of you who have waited for the relaunch of our new site – welcome back! And for those of you who are joining just now – welcome!

The new Telavivian platform features an online magazine with Tel Aviv’s best contributors giving you the insides and outsides of the city – all that you need to know about what’s interesting in fashion, food, music, design, art, architecture, nightlife and more.

A brand new ‘City Guide’ will lead you to a variety of restaurants, boutiques, nightlife spots, cafes, hotels, etc. A new touristic platform will give you the chance to explore the city through the eyes of our local guides, and an e-shop will direct you to the best local designers and their products. In our new renovated site, you will be able to capture ‘telavivian moments’ in our ongoing photographic project, as well as listen to the most interesting telavivians take a moment to be interviewed in our new podcast series.

Our aim is to be the place where you stop by for some curated information and a lot of inspiration. We hope to provide you with what you need to know in order to have a fabulous stay in the city, but also to inspire you and trigger thoughts about…well, anything. I hope we will succeed.
In the meantime and just for our exciting launch, here is one of my thoughts which I shared with readers three years ago in my first post ever on Telavivan – a glance at why I love this city and why I chose to be a part of a group telling the story of Tel Aviv everyday.

I love Tel aviv. I think there is a crazy amount of talented people living and working in this city.
I love it because it is so small it feels like a village and yet it is a city where you never know what to expect and surprise is always around the corner.
I love this city in the evenings, especially on summer nights when everything calms, the sun goes down, a breeze comes my way and it feels like everything is just … fine.
I love it for the same reasons I sometimes hate it.
It’s the city where opportunities for love are endless and then again nonexistent.
I love it because if I wake up in Tel aviv and I don’t know if it’s day or night, winter or summer, Sunday or Saturday, the one thing I am feeling is that chances are something interesting will happen to me today, and you know what, it doesn’t always happen, but the feeling that it could is pretty damm great.

Enjoy Telavivian!

Dalit Nemirovsky, Editor-in-chief


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