Rhythm Party

by Dalit Nemirovsky | 12.06.14

There is something about the “Avihu Pinchasov Rhythm Club” that is all about the feeling. After watching these guys perform on different occasions, I can tell you this:  You will be happy when you watch them. Need more?

You will laugh and you’ll get emotional, you will not be able to keep your feet on the ground, and you will definitely will not stay sober.

The group featuring Avihu Landver (now known as Avihu Pinchasov) as the main vocalist, and musicians Haim Romano, Mark Pinchasov, Nir Tayeb, Yair Zabari and Tal Kochavi, are all about making the audience feel the rhythm.

The sweaty show, the pouring alcohol and the crowded dance floor is the perfect decor and setting for the unique music style these guys create. Oh, and watch out for the female part of the group –  the incredible belly dancer Avishag Or Efrati.

If you haven’t seen them yet, start following them here on Facebook, get the first ticket to the next show happening in July and in the meantime, get a glimpse at their new single coming out today!



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