Arrows In My Heart

by Dalit Nemirovsky | 21.05.14

arrowed_may20-11 (Large)When I walk out of a performance, I want to feel that something in me changed, but this does not happen often. Usually I walk out and everything is the same, sometimes I think about what I saw for a few hours, maybe a few days, and sometimes it stays with me for life somewhere in the background. It is only in very rare occasions that I feel I have just experienced a change.

‘Arrowed’ by Bobbi Jene Smith changed me.

On May 29th , you’ll have a one off chance to see ‘Arrowed’ in Tel Aviv, and I  say – go.

‘Arrowed’ is a Theatrical lyric performance, an ongoing interview that initially started in 2010 and was first performed in 2012. Written, choreographed, and directed by dancer and choreographer Bobbi Jene Smith, ‘Arrowed’ is meant to be carried out and performed by various individuals. The dance takes place sporadically in different places, different times, with different people, with the only constant being the initial script written in interview form.

I saw Arrowed a few months ago following a friend’s recommendation and I cried.  But that is not what’s important. I didn’t cry because I was sad or happy or moved although I was. I didn’t even realize I was crying until I tasted my own tears and that surprised me. I felt I was interviewed. I felt all the questions were directed at me, that this duet has became a trio and made me a partner . I found myself dealing with questions and thinking about what are my answers. In this one-hour duet constructed as an interview, there is a conversation and there are two dancers. And then there is me.

arrowed_may20-18 (Large)  arrowed_may20-7 (Large)  arrowed_may20-14 (Large)  arrowed_may20-19 (Large)My 29th | 21:00

With Shamel Pitts and Bobbi Jene Smith

Studio Varda, Suzanne Dellal Center, 5 Yehieli Street, Tel Aviv

Price: ₪ 65

Tickets : www.batsheva.co.il | by phone : 03-517 14 71



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