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by Dalit Nemirovsky | 06.04.14

In honor of the Bat – Sheva Jubilee Year, in the next four months, the company will offer the opportunity to see three Naharin classics – Mamootot, Max, and Naharin’s Virus. These renewed productions offer the audience an opportunity to view three award-winning masterpieces, and for those familiar with the works, this is an opportunity to watch them again, from the Naharinian perception that a dance creation is a one-time, ever-changing, entity, and that watching works time after time enables a different, deeper experience.

Max By Ohad Naharin – Batsheva Dance Company from Batsheva Dance Company on Vimeo.

unnamed (2)unnamedThe sequence will open on April 8th with “Mamootot”, Naharin’s 2003 intimate creation, which is performed by the Company in the studio, with seating in-the-round. On April 17th  the Company will revive “MAX” (2007), a work that is still being performed around the world with great success, and on May 23rd the Company will revive “Naharin’s Virus” (2003), inspired by Peter Handke’s play, “Offending the Audience” and won great international acclaim.

At Suzanne Dellal, from April to July

Mamootot | 8-12.4 | 24-26.4 | 5-7.6
Max | 17-19.4 | 9-11.7
Naharin’s Virus |  23-24.4 | 26-27.5 | 11-13.6 | 25-28.6 | 22-23.7

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