by Dalit Nemirovsky | 13.03.14

Four years ago Dalit Merhav and Hila Tadmor came up with the idea to create ‘Tel Aviv photo’  – an annual art fair which places the art of photography at center stage.

On march 19th, the forth event in the series will be launched, this time at “Yarid Hamizrach” (Orient fair) next to the Tel Aviv port.

‘Tel Aviv photo’ is a 4 day fair in which young artists have a chance to make their appearance, get into the repertoire of the collectors, make preliminary sales and basically make their first steps in the industry. On the other hand, ‘Tel Aviv photo’ is created to serve photography enthusiasts, and for that purpose it provides a platform  to see all that is happening in the industry under one roof.

In 2014, the fair has grown and spreading to new channels. New galleries have joined, established photographers will be featured alongside the newcomers, fashion photography and documentary works will be on display along with blended techniques, graphic design and so forth.

Here are some of the works that will be on display:

merav ben louloulahav halevy

osnat ben dov

reuma hayut

sasha tamrin

sharona guyYou coming? Good. See ya’all there and here are the details:

Tel Aviv Photo | “Yarid Hamizrach” (Orient fair) next to the Tel Aviv port. (Pavilion 16)

Opening hours:
March 19th | 19:00-23:00
March 20th | 12:00-22:00
March 21th | 10:00-16:00
March 22th | 10:00-20:00

Photo credits by order of appearance:

Yael Gavrieli
Merav Ben Loulou
Lahav Halevy
Osnat Ben-Dov
Reuma Hayut
Sasha Tamarin
Sharona Guy






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