by Dalit Nemirovsky | 21.10.13

The International Conference of Creative Time  – one of the most important and influential conferences in the field of political, social and activist art, will be screened LIVE in two days of viewing into the night, Skype Q&A and refreshments.

The theme of the conference this year is art, place and dislocation in the 21st century, and it explores how culture builds and shapes the modern city by examining the involvement of artists, architects, city planners, entrepreneurs and philanthropists in urban change.

מתחם ארטפורט תל אביב_צילום אלעד שריג

מתחם ארטפורט תל אביב_צילום אלעד שריג_7 מתחם ארטפורט תל אביב_צילום אלעד שריג_4 מתחם ארטפורט תל אביב_צילום אלעד שריג_3
Artport photos by – Elad Sarig

Summit Teaser #2 from Creative Time on Vimeo.


Creative Time 2013 Summit | October 25-26

Friday | 25/10

17.00 until midnight –  live broadcast of the conference.

Saturday | 26/10

18.00  – A panel of local speakers about urban change

18:00 to 20:00  – live broadcast of the conference

20:00 to 21:00 Talk and musical performance by Netta Wiener and Luna Abu Nasr

For the summit’s full schedule –

The conference will be hosted by Vardit Gross and Maayan Shelef.

Admission is free.

Artport | 55, Ben Zvi Road, Tel Aviv |


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