by Dalit Nemirovsky | 13.10.13

Food is all around us. Everywhere we turn there is a debate about food – There is too much of it, there is too little of it, why is it here or where the hell is it.

Food, as a basic condition to our entire being, has been a pillar in the way we think, act and conduct ourselves in this world. It started with paradise and the forbidden fruit and continued with the quarrel over primogeniture and the lentil stew, the last supper and many more.

Today we deal with Incredible abundance next to deficiency and pain, starvation next to anorexia, obesity next to heroin chic. It is all around us and a central part of our history, culture and everyday life.

In Food Processor, curator Dalit Merhav took images dealing with food and the world around it,  blended them in a food processor to give you all a taste of this culinary chaos.

This interesting exhibition, (see more images below) taking place for the second time, will be held at the “HAKIR” art space on 33 hachshmal St, October 17-22.

Opening event | Thursday | October 17th | 20:00

YANIVEDRY-2012Yaniv Edry

L_006395 como objeto inteligente-1Enrique Rottenberg

Kfir Harbi

Merav Ben Loulou

b12Noga Steiner

mGuli Cohen


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