SiteSpecific is back

by Dalit Nemirovsky | 25.08.13

Jonathan Hirschfeld

On the last week of August, a new “SiteSpecific” art event will open in collaboration with artist Maya Attoun and the Angel Collection of Contemporary Art. The third event in the “SiteSpecific” series of events will include works by about 60 prominent local artists. The event is the initiative of Hila Peres and Yochai Barak – the people behind the SiteSpecific project established about a year ago. This time they collaborated with the Angel Collection of Contemporary Art, and with artist Maya Attoun that took part in the curatorial process.

Nivi Alroy

Hila Peres: “We function somewhat like a gallery with no gallery space. The lack of dependence on a space and all the expenses involved, allows us to present art that really interest us.”

Nir Segal

Yochai Barak: “One of the most serious challenges in our work is to find a space that best suits the specific project and allows us to surprise and challenge ourselves every time.”

Angela de la Cruz

“SiteSpecific” is a young art agency that acts as a link between artists and the collector/gallery, accompanies them through the various phases of their professional involvement, and works with the artists to enhance their basic business skills by creating a methodology and infrastructure, thereby helping the artists develop as an independent economic unit.

Opening event– Thursday 29.8.13 |20:00

Closing: 28.9.2013

15 Nachmani St.  -1 floor


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