by Dalit Nemirovsky | 08.07.13

Photo by Ziv Koren

Although born and raised in Jerusalem, as an adult I decided to move to Tel aviv feeling that the future for me lies there. But they say “once a Yerushalmi (Someone from Jerusalem) always a Yerushalmi” and that is true. No matter where I live, I will always have a special connection to the city, its air and its vibe. There is just something about this city.

A new project about this unique city will be exhibited in the renewed “First Station” in Jerusalem throughout July and will provide visitors with personal and intimate insights into the city’s diverse narratives.

The search for the single story that defines Jerusalem seems like an impossible task. There are so many stories about this city, none of them however, can fully capture the complexity of it.

From his own special viewpoint, Designer and Artist, Tal Erez, contemplates the  multiple Jerusalem stories, rejects any hierarchical claims and generates a concurrent sense of context and differentiation through his personal adaptation of the ViewMaster binoculars.  For these binoculars, which reach back to our collective childhoods, Erez has designed some 20 Jerusalem-specific wheels.  Each wheel focuses on a different aspect of Jerusalem, ranging from religion and history, to food and nightlife, to the day-to-day reality of the city.

The material for some of the wheels was taken from the countless pictures of Jerusalem taken by renowned and decorated photographers such as Alex Levac, Ziv Koren, Yoram Amir, Menahem Kahana and Hila Harel – all of whom were invited to create a wheel from their personal collection. Other wheels were compiled from specially commissioned photo shoots.

Photo by Shai Dror

Photo by David Kedmi

Photo by David Vaaknin

The binoculars and wheels will be sold separately and as a set, thus allowing each purchaser to put together their own Jerusalem:  Day-to-Day Jerusalem; Holy Jerusalem; Festive Jerusalem; Protest Jerusalem, or as in the case of Alex Levac’s wheel—Jerusalem that is both this and that.

Artistic director: Itay Mautner
Producer: Gili Dror
Special thanks to Jon Stam

Dates : July 8-28 , 2013
Opening – July 8th at 20:00
First Station compound | David Remez Square | Jerusalem


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