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Liron Peretz, 26, Fashion and Urban photographer

Current place of residence
 | Tel Aviv

Tell me a little about your art –
I love photography. It might sound like a cliché but ever since I found out about the magic box called a camera, I was just fascinated with it. My parents had a little Kodak pocket film camera and I always had it wrapped around my wrist everywhere I went. I remember how excited I was every time the photos came back from the shop.
My main focus is fashion photography, but I also do portraits and street style documentary. On my free time I love to shoot with my Pentax film camera and create my personal art projects, like a series of photos with a common subject that I research in different angles. Today I also shoot selected boutique wedding photography. I choose specific couples that I feel a connection with, and am honored to document their special day.

What inspires you?
Interesting faces, cool locations, but mostly films. I’m inspired by special compositions in a frame, the use of interesting camera angles or beautiful lighting in scenes. I love pictures that tell a story or characters that make you stare at their image and carry you into their world. I tend to freeze the TV screen and look at cinematic expressions like color, camera angle, composition, location and more. I’m crazy for Almodóvar’s films especially the film Broken Embraces. More recent films that inspired me are Moonlight Kingdom and the amazing lighting on Frankenweenie.

Five words that describe your lifestyle.
Nostalgic, daydreamer, fashion, lover and pizza.

Which artists inspires you?
There are many. I keep finding little bits and pieces of inspiration every day. It could be a Florence and the Machine video or a follower on Instagram that sparks an idea. I get inspiration from documentaries or exhibitions, like Helmut Newton’s exhibition in Berlin that put me in awe for a long time. The way he directed, observed and presented women is simply amazing. I’ve had a long infatuation with Annie Leibovitz since being exposed to her early work in the Rolling Stone magazine. She’s been there through historical moments in Rock music and immortalized them in film. That’s a dream job if there ever was one. There’s always something about someone that would echo something I wish for myself, and that feeling comes when you least expect it.

What are your future plans?
Well, there’s always more to wish for. I feel I still need to prove myself and make a name for myself. I would love to be in a position where I could choose the people, magazines and projects I work with, for and on. That’s the definition of a successful Fashion Photographer by my standards, and what I’m striving for these days.

What do you love about Tel Aviv?
That you always got a place to park your car. Just kidding. I just love this city. Ever since I was 12 years old, I used to come to Tel Aviv at least once a week with my mother and later on with friends, looking around at old buildings, coffee places and clothing boutiques, dreaming that one day I would live here. It was a different world for me. I love that you always meet someone you know when you walk the streets.
Tel Aviv has amazing restaurants, talented designers and good art galleries. I like that the city has various parts to it – each of them with a different atmosphere. I hope that one day we’ll have great public transportation here to make this city even better.

If you could change one thing in Tel Aviv – what would it be?
Two things – rent control and parking spaces! I also think that there are a lot of old buildings and interesting streets here, like Hayarkon street in Tel Aviv that cries out for renovation and some care, so it really becomes something to be proud of.


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