by Dalit Nemirovsky | 21.02.13


Guy Yanai, 35

Current place of residence  |  Tel Aviv

About your art –
I work in projects. At first I set up some parameters, just to get started. Lately I have been feeling that my work is like a decoy. That the work at first looks nothing like the intention. With decoy I mean the colors, the subject and the approach. The important thing is that there is a brutality at the core. The work is about the things that cannot be reconciled. We live, we have breakfast and then we can die. So how do we do this? Now, I am just trying to make paintings as a conscious human being who is simply walking a very very fine line.

What inspires you?
Everything. So I have to be more of an editor, a sifter and understand what it is about something that drives me crazy.  To see what can really be transformed into an image, what has the ability to be sustained. To find some sort of irreconcilable tension in our visual and intellectual life.

5 words that describe your lifestyle?
Work hard. Eat well. Play soft.

Which artists inspire you?
Elad Lassry, Tal R, John Zorn, Wilhelm Sasnal, among many others…

What are your future plans?
The upcoming few months are very busy. The show I presented recently at the Rothschild 69 space is traveling to the Velan Center in Torino in an expanded version. I have a few group shows in the spring in Europe and the States, and a solo show at La Montagne Gallery in Boston in June. All I want for the “future” is to be; to keep pushing new work, work that really resonates with the texture of our lives.

What do you love about Tel Aviv?
Tel Aviv is home, so this is the hardest question, like asking a fish about water. But I will tell you this, I was in Paris two weeks ago, and then I realized how free Tel Aviv is. It is a free city with so many brilliant people.

If you could change one thing in Tel Aviv – what would it be?
A little bit more window shopping wouldn’t hurt.

Post Office  2012 | oil on linen  200 x 230 cm

Ahad Haam  2013 | oil on linen  100 x 100 cm

Woman Outside  2010 | oil on linen  200 x 200 cm

Plant on Void  2012 | oil on linen  100 x 100 cm


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