Sculpture Spotlight | Zoya Cherkassky

by Dalit Nemirovsky | 06.02.13
h.40 cm

h.40 cm

As part of Rosenfeld Gallery’s focus on sculpture, and in addition to the three sculpture shows the gallery is hosting this year, the gallery emphasizes the sculptural work of the gallery’s artists, through short views that offer a spotlight on this complex medium. The short exhibitions will present a wide range of sculpture techniques that incorporate ready-made objects, traditional methods of carving material and contemporary applications of unconventional materials.

This coming Thursday, February 7th – sculpture Spotlight |  Zoya Cherkassky

Zoya Cherkassky has combined sculpture as an integral part of her artistic work throughout her career. Her sculptures are characterized by painting on finished statues and like in her other works, she executes it with a defiant and critical nature.

Cherkassky introduced a number of prominent sculptural projects including ” The victims ball” (2004) and “The avangards” (2006). Cherkassky’s sculptures are to be found in the collections of the Tel Aviv Museum of art, the Jewish Museum in New York and in many private collections.

Opening Event: Thursday, February 7, at 20:00

Exhibition Dates: 07/02/2013 – 23/02/2013

Tues. – Thur. 12-19, Fri. 11-14, Sat. 11-13, Mon. by appointment

Rosenfeld Gallery | 1 Shvil HaMif’al St., Tel-Aviv, Israel, 66535.


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