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White Mule, a solo exhibition by Lihi Turjeman will be opening on January 31st, 2013 at Rothschild 69.

Lihi Turjeman, born in 1985, is an MFA student at Bezalel.
White Mule is her second solo exhibition.

Turjeman is a painter who works in the Rationalism tradition, which addresses the chasm between the scientific and the fortuitous, while attempting to subject her paintings to mathematical rules and calculations.

She constructs various concepts and diverse limitations for herself on the act of painting, and imposes them on the intuitive variables of her work.

For the past three years, Turjeman has been working in an aged, flaking space, with ramified corridors, rooms, cells and indistinguishable passages. The space used to be a school,  and is scheduled to be demolished in order to make room for a new residential tower.
The artist has spread the huge canvasses on which she works throughout the spaces in the building. Her canvasses lean on the walls that are badly afflicted by green lesions, grayish depressions and brown deposits. In her paintings, Turjeman reproduces these blemishes; she records the encroaching, conquering and non-eradicable element.

Curator: Noam Segal

The opening event will be held on January 31st 2013 at 8pm on the ground floor of Rothschild 69.
Exhibition dates |  January 31st and March 7th, 2013.

Opening Hours:

Wednesdays 10am-1pm
Thursdays 4pm-8pm
Fridays 10am-1pm
Saturdays 11am-1pm



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