by Dalit Nemirovsky | 09.01.13

Sagiv Galam is one of the telavivians. He is 35 years old, lives and works in the city.

I took this photo of Sagiv at the Castro store in Dizengoff center in Tel Aviv.
Castro – a leading Israeli fashion brand is where Sagiv has been creative for the past 12 years, the last five as head designer for the men’s line.

Dizengoff Center is a a unique spot for Sagiv – as a child he used to hang out there with his gang, he got his first job there, it’s where he met his best friend and therefor, when Castro opened its main branch at the center Sagiv was excited. When we talked about where I’m going to take his photo, there was no doubt in his mind this was the right spot.

Sagiv is a Graduate of the mythological fashion class of 2002 at the Shenkar Design College, a class that produced numerous talented designers , such as Liora Taragan, Einav Tzuker, Mirit Weinshtock and more.

Sagiv always knew what he wanted to be when he grows up. There is something about people like that always makes me a little jealous. I won’t go into the philosophical aspects of this statement regarding my own life, just to say it strikes a cord. Sagiv is like that. He always knew fashion was his thing and sitting down with him for a chat reveals a satisfied man that made his hobby his job.

Since 2000, starting as an intern during school, Sagiv has been working for Castro, which means he has been designing for a large population of Israelis who shop there. Working for a big brand has its advantages – The feeling of seeing people on the street wear your designs is a rewarding one. No doubt you get that feeling many times a day when you work for a fashion brand scattered all over the country.

Castro is connected to Tel Aviv in its DNA, and for Sagiv it was a match made in heaven. Sagiv adores the city he lives in, Tel Aviv is his inspiration and starting point, a code name for urbanism and city life. In his eyes, Tel aviv is rear in the sense that it has it all – urban life, beach life, night life, street life, there is always something to discover, layers to pill. In his work, every season Sagiv brings out a new collection but the scenery is always Tel Aviv, each time pilling a different layer.

when I ask Sagiv about his future plans, he is very clear. “ I’m lucky to work with visionary people, who make the experience of working for a big company a unique one. The future in Castro has no limits, things are ever changing. I get a free mandate to try new things all the time and it seems like I can make my dreams come true within this group of people. Besides, it’s fun. Tel Aviv is a small city, all the creative people I work with are my friends and people I meet on my free time as well. The whole experience of working for such a brand connected to Tel aviv and that works off the bit of the city, Well, it’s all very telavivian…”

Sagiv was chosen as a telavivian by Meir Cohen.


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