by Dalit Nemirovsky | 01.01.13

“Everyone carries their load on their back  – their unique memories, dreams outdated, unfulfilled love stories, wounds, scars, desires and hopes that are lying side by side in an imaginary suitcase, containing the pieces of our lives – those that were, those that could be if only… those that still might be. Like a modern reincarnation of a Pandora’s box, a suitcase better stay closed. If opened, it could release a series of disasters. However, it can also contain high hopes. ”

David Tartakover

I packed alone… is David Tartakover’s new exhibition opening at the Contemporary by Goloconda Gallery on January 3rd.

Tartakover, known in his circle as Tarta, is without a doubt the most important Israeli graphic designer now days. A short bio will tell you that he is Israel Prize laureate for Design, 2002, an artist and designer of visual communication on culture and society, a curator for exhibitions on Israeli design and an explorer of the history of graphics in Israel.

I got a snick preview of this new work. Don’t miss it.


Opening reception – Thursday | January 3rd | 20:00

Conteporary by Goloconda

117 Herzl St., Tel Aviv

Tel: 972-3-682 2777


Opening hours:

Sunday by appointment only

Monday-Thursday 11:00-19:00

Friday 10:00-14:00

Saturday 11:00-14:00








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