by Dalit Nemirovsky | 19.12.12

Founded by Keren Kfir Alon and Yael Paz Brown, tweezers (“Pincheta” in Hebrew) is a private initiative aiming to promote independent artists.

Keren and Yael, both graduates of the curating program at the Technion, formed tweezers out of love for the art field and a goal to promote the interests of the artists in the complex art market in Israel and abroad. tweezers steers and mediates between the rules of business and the free creative spirit.

The core belief of the project is that talent is necessary, but not sufficient and does not guarantee success. By creating a broad long term strategy, tweezers locates and selects independent artists who show motivation and potential for significant growth in the future.

tweezers produces intimate encounters between the artists and individuals, collectors and businesses that require help and advice in purchasing art. In addition, they hold lectures and panels by experts in the art market in order to enrich and give practical tools necessary in order to promote artistic career.

Tweezers 3 | 19 artists

20-22 December

Opening event: Thursday | December 22nd | 20:00 | Studio 211 | 14 Revival Street, 2nd Floor, Tel Aviv


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