by Dalit Nemirovsky | 12.12.12


Mati Broudo is one of my Telavivians.

The story of my relationship with Mati is probably the longest of all my Telavivians, and the most dear to my heart. In many ways, Mati is responsible for how I live and work in Tel Aviv in the past 10 years.

If you live in Tel Aviv, you know who Mati is. If you think you don’t, once someone tells you about him, you’ll immediately say – oh..right.

Mati, together with Ruti Broudo are the owners of some of the most important establishments in Tel Aviv in the restaurant and hotels business – Brasserie, Coffee Bar, Hotel Montefiroe, the Bakeries, Delicatessen and Rothschild 12. You can’t live in Tel Aviv or even just visit without eating, drinking or sleeping in one of their establishments. If you do, trust me, you are not experiencing the city as you should.

When I first came to Tel Aviv I started working as a shift manager at the Brasserie restaurant which was my first real telavivian experience. Back then Brasserie was the new hot spot in Tel Aviv. Well, it’s still hot even after 10 years. Two years later and a little vacation in between, I started working with Mati again, this time as the Managing Director of one of his companies – Crossfields TLV – a publishing and media company. Together we published 3 editions of City Guide Tel Aviv, 4 issues of Programma Art Magazine, other publications and production of various art exhibitions and media related projects.

Working with Mati is a unique experience. You never know what idea will pop up in his head tomorrow. One thing you can be sure of, is that it will be different, changeling and probably will change a few times during production, since getting it almost right is not an option.

I’ve known Mati for 10 years now, and we still work on projects together, meet every now and then to talk about life, he is one of the closest people to me and a good friend. Mati knows me well and and knows how to help in crossroads, give good advice and I consider my self lucky I have the opportunity to ask questions, raise dilemmas and generally have a conversation with him. He is one of the most interesting, clever and unusual people I know. Unusual – I’ll say that again. Now, don’t get me wrong – its not all flowers and violins. He will tell you that about me as well, and still, even the rough parts are an adventure.

I always say, at the end of the day it’s all about the people. This is why I created the telavivians project and why the first telavivian was me, and the last one in this round is Mati. That’s my circle. Sometimes it’s luck and sometimes it’s in our hands, but choosing the people that surround us and close to us is important. I’ll leave you with that, you get it.

So, Mati. If you’re reading this and I know you are since I’ll make you, it’s another opportunity to say thank you for all the work, fun and in between we share. I have learned so much from you and still do every day.

Mati Broudo is one of my telavivians. I asked him to point out his. Mati’s telavivian will be coming soon..


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