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Suzana Kreimer is one of my Telavivians. She is 37 years old, lives and works in the city.

This photo of Suzana is the best way to describe her. She is a happy person. She has the biggest smile, a never ending laughter and a unique ability to make people around her feel simply good.

Suzana is one of the most talented project managers and business development experts one can find in Tel Aviv today. If you ask Suzana what does she do, she will give you one answer: “I make it happen”. She does. If you need to push a mountain, move the sun or bring down the moon, your best chance is if you have Suzana on your side. Ok, sure, it’s a metaphor but it’s true, I’ve seen it happen.

After graduating university in studies of Communications, Psychology and Business, Suzana worked for the most prominent event production companies in Israel, heading production for brands such as Marloboro (the Marlboro Adventure Project), Partner, El Al airlines, the opening of the airport’s new terminal and the Love parade – a project that puts a smile on her face. Seeing 200,000 people enjoy themselves makes Suzana tick. Production of events like the Love Parade, where a crazy amount of people dance, sing, feel happy and joyful, makes her happy in return. And in her rules – size does matter.

In Suzana’s eyes, a good project means god is in the little details and a good manager is a tailor. A tailor that is able to connect all the wires and is an expert in every field related to the production. If he’s not, he will know who is. When I ask Suzana what is the most important part of a production, she answers without any hesitation – Thank you notes. She uses the term thank you notes ,but she actually means going up to each and every partner and saying thank you in person. Notes are not enough. “I could be the best manager in the world, but I am the conductor, there are so many partners, that it’s only the collaboration that makes a production a success”.

She has a natural talent with people, she knows how to get them exited and on board, she gets things done without making a big deal out of problems or obstacles. She is unfamiliar with the ‘impossible’ concept, everything is possible. It might take one more minute, it might require some more research, a few more hours at the office, but it can be done.

I first met Suzana when she landed the role of Production Manager for the Centennial Celebration of Tel Aviv-Yafo in 2009. It was the most challenging year for her and she rocked it from the main event of the celebrations opening ceremony and all through the year in endless amount of events. It was a whole new world for Suzana – getting to know the city you live in better than anyone – In her eyes it was all about a tribute for the city’s citizens, so she studied the city – it’s history, architecture, the white city, the beach, night life, culture, the children, the community, yafo, the multicultural aspects, the relationship between Jewish and Arab populations, it all became part of a one year project, every month dedicated to a different topic.

When the celebrations were over, it was clear that Tel Aviv has become a global brand that needs nurturing. For this purpose, Tel Aviv municipality established the ‘Global City Administration’. Suzana then landed the role of Director of International Development which she holds to this day. Together with a dedicated team, she creates initiatives for international collaborations and branding of the city, all of which are part of the goal to strengthen the perception of Tel Aviv in the world.

Suzana is a believer and one of the most stubborn people I know. In work and in life. In life, I’m lucky to have her as my friend. The same dedication she has in her work, she has for her friends and that’s simply rare.

Suzana Kreimer is one of MY Telavivians. I asked her to point out hers. Suzana’s telavivian will be coming soon.


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