by Dalit Nemirovsky | 07.11.12


Segahl Avin is one of my Telavivians. She is 38 years old, lives with her partner Amit and their beautiful 3 years old daughter Elayah.

I met Segahl about two years ago at the kindergarten where our kids went to. It turns out her daughter and my son, both 18 months back then, fell in love, wanted to spend time together and dragged us along. It was a good call on their part and the mothers became friends too.

Up until two months ago, Segahl and her family lived in Tel Aviv. On August this year, they moved to New York, but sooner or later they will be back. There are not a lot of people I know that have a love affair with Tel Aviv like Segahl – a Writer and Director for T.V and Theatre.
Among Segahl’s work in Israel you will know the work she did for TV – The Dramedy ‘ Ex- list’ that was sold to CBS and ‘Telenovella inc.’, ‘ Michaella’ , and ‘The game of life’. In theatre – The acclaimed ‘Freaks’, ‘With a gun and a smile’ and several shows she directed at ‘Habima’ (Israel’s national theatre) as house director for the ‘Habima Young Group’. In 2010, her short film “you shall know no grief”, won first prize at the ’48 hours’ film project.

I knew who Segahl was before we became friends, as I was one of the many people watching her work on TV and Theatre. When I got to know her personally, I discovered a hard worker with uncompromising dedication to her craft, someone who puts her entire self into the words she writes. Inspiring.

Just before Hurricane Sandy hit USA’s east cost, I spent Ten days in sunny NYC. While visiting, a long time dream of mine became a reality as I was sitting in Carnegie Hall listening to one of the most beautiful classical concert I ever heard – A concert for peace. I invited Segahl to join me.
As we were sitting there, I watched Segahl – she was happy. Sure, she enjoyed the music, the venue, my company?? all of it I guess, but there was more to it. When the concert was over and we were walking the streets of NY, Segahl said the music made her so emotional that things she was thinking about in the last few weeks came into place. Plots were resolved, ideas were created, problems were solved.

That got me thinking about the creative process and how writers and other creative people are inspired by what’s around them. How important it is for all of us to get out of our comfort zone, see art, music, film, dance and the world to get to new places in our heart and mind.

These days in NY, Segahl is writing new projects for TV, working on reviving theatre projects she did in Israel on American ground, and my guess is she will surprise us with new creations in new fields.

And now here is something to look forward to – Segahl’s new comedy show “Irreversible” she wrote and directed, will premiere this December on Israel’s channel 2, starring Adi Ashkenazi and Muli Shulman.

Segahl Avin is one of MY telavivians. I asked her to point out hers.

Segahl’s telavivian will be coming soon..


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