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Asaf Zamir is one of my Telavivians. He is 32 years old, lives and works in the city.
Tel aviv is in Asaf’s veins. He is a 4th generation Telavivian, 9th in Israel and his entire family is rooted in the city’s history which is why Asaf grew up with stories about Tel Aviv from birth.

Since 2008, Asaf is a Deputy Mayor at the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo, in charge of the fields of community, youth, sport and tourism. Asaf was 28 years old when elected, which makes him the youngest deputy mayor to be ever earn this position. 

Asaf is a politician, not the most flattering title these days in Israel, and yet there is something about the way Asaf approaches politics, conducts himself with it, and more so in the way he projects it to the public, that one must respect. Asaf began his political career in 2006 when he established “Rov Ha’ir” list (‘Most of the city’ in hebrew) that later ran for the municipality elections. He did it with a group of young aspiring telavivians that share his vision of the how this city should conducts itself in light of their belief of the huge potential Tel Aviv has to live up to. 

In the four years he spent in his current position, Asaf has been involved in the establishment of municipal projects in the fields of affordable housing, youth centers, young adult centers (Mazeh 9), fringe and young arts/culture projects, as well as parking reforms, youth and GLBT tourism campaigns and more. He is the chairman of the education committee, deputy chairman of the city planning committee and chairman of the Rabinowitz foundation for the arts. Having said all that, if you hang out in Tel aviv at night, chances are at one point you will meet Asaf. His demanding day job hasn’t taken away his young spirit, and Tel Aviv’s flourishing night life is a scene is something Asaf is connected to, enjoys and makes it his matter to be part of. For Asaf, Tel Aviv is Israel’s island of sanity. Therefor his main goal is to take this great place and make it even more alive, more energetic, welcoming, cultural and green. He sees unfulfilled potential in this city and since it is the cultural capital of a country that is more complex than most places on the globe, the importance of keeping Tel Aviv liberal, open and western is critical in his eyes. I’ll vote for that.

On october 2013, the citizens of Tel Aviv-Yafo will have a chance to re-elect the people sitting in the city hall. Asaf and “Rov Ha’ir” list will be running again hoping to be re-elected, this time gaining more votes and expanding their seats and their vision for the city.

What’s next for Asaf? More of Tel Aviv. Don’t expect him to run for national politics any time soon. He is in love with the city and is planning to stay here and make it even better!

Asaf Zamir is one of MY Telavivians. I asked him to point out his. Asaf’s telavivian will be coming soon..


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