by Dalit Nemirovsky | 21.10.12

I first encountered the work of Gil Haller in a project I took part in this past March called City Art 2012. The project presented large scale art work printed in large format on Tel Aviv buildings in honor of Tel Aviv’s art year. The project was a joint cooperation of the Tel Aviv global administration, Baram City Press and curator Sagi Refael. Two of works selected for the project were works by Gil Haller. It took me sometime to understand I am looking at a painting and not a photograph and during the exhibition I found myself explaining again and again to the viewers they are simply looking at the work of an artist that is able to capture reality in outstanding accuracy and punctuality.

Sagi Refael – Art Historian & Curator : “In his exceptional style, inspired by old magazine images and old family photo-albums that go back in history to the early 20th century, Gil Haller manages to distill history and culture into images that serve almost as time capsules: life that has stood still. Haller’s outstanding talent does not come out only by his phenomenal technical abilities, which by themselves are considered virtuoso, but by his ability to avoid sliding into over-sentimental expressions or mannerism. The restraint in Haller’s paintings and superb punctuality give the feeling of a time-tunnel that the perceiver is being drawn into, yet without a nostalgic and saccharine remembrance.”

Gil Haller for City Art 2012, Mazeh 9, Tel Aviv

On October 25th, a new solo exhibition “You had to be there” by Gil Haller will open at the Artspace Gallery in Jerusalem. This time the artist presents a series of painting dealing with landscapes and figures he has been working on for the past two years. These paintings bring out a different side of Gil Haller’s work with a new palette of colors and techniques, although the feeling of reality, time and space are still very much there.

“You had to be there” |October 25th– December 27th| 2012

Artspace Gallery
5 hazefira,
German Colony,Jerusalem
Tel: (02) 5662423

Gil Haller is represented in Israel by Stern Gallery which will hold an exhibition of Gil Haller’s black and white paintings at the beginning of 2013. I will be sure to update on the date…


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