by Dalit Nemirovsky | 06.10.12

David Ginton, In Front of Beuys’s House, 1973, black and white photograph, 58X36.5 cm

Two exhibitions taking place at the Gordon Gallery and the new space Gordon 2 gather the work of the gallery’s artists and others into two interesting group exhibitions. 

The exhibition AFTER open till October 13th, showcases a theme exhibition of works created as a reflection on a quote the artists chose as reference. The exhibition gathers different artistic disciplines by 24 artists who chose a reference shaped as a quote, review or dialogue by local or international artists / thinkers from different periods and disciplines.

Philip Rantzer, Untitled



Tsibi Geva, Grates, iron

Yaacov Dorchin, Untitled, 2012, iron

Participating artists:
Larry Abramson |Raffi Lavie| Smadar Eliasaf |Ohad Meromi | Asaf Ben Zvi |Michal Na’aman | Ido Bar-El |Sasha Serber |Tsibi Geva| Sharon Poliakine | Tamar Getter|Shosh Kormosh |David Ginton | Liliane Klapisch|Yair Garbuz|Alex Kremer|Moshe Gershuni|Pnina Reichman Yaacov Dorchin|Philip Rantzer|Mirit Cohen|Simcha Shirman|Maya Cohen Levy|Henry Shelesnyak

Curator: Shlomit Breuer

The new space Gordon 2 just launched a new exhibition with a selected work of 12 of the gallery’s remarkable artists. This show will be open till November 1st.

David Ginton, The Last Painting of David Ginton, oil on canvas, 140X105.5 cm

Tamar Getter, Untitled, mixed media on canvas, 230X150 cm

Uri Katzenstein, Untitled, mixed media, h. 70 cm

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