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Omer Gershon is one of my Telavivians. He is 38 years old, lives and works in Tel aviv.

Everybody knows Omer Gershon. Sounds like a Cliché but it’s true – everybody knows him. But that is not why Omer is a one of my Telavivians. Omer is a telavivian because having a project like THE TELAVIVIANS without Omer in it would mean I’m doing something wrong and I don’t want to do it wrong…

Having said that, I am here to introduce you with the YODA of Tel Aviv nightlife –

Born and raised in Tel aviv, Omer started his affair with Tel aviv nightlife 25 years ago. In this time frame he has managed to become one of the most known figures in the Tel aviv night scene and an ambassador for Tel aviv. Period.

When I set down with Omer after taking this photo of him, I asked him a simple question: “Why do you love Tel Aviv so much”? Omer travels a lot, knows how to enjoy life and has a passion for great cities like Paris, London and Barcelona, and yet Tel Aviv is at the top of his list for best cities. His answer was immediate : “Tel aviv is the perfect combination of heaven and hell”. If you live in Tel Aviv long enough you know exactly what he means, and if you don’t, 24 hours with Omer will set you straight.

These days, Omer is one of the owners of the famous Cat&Dog club and the barbara frye bar. During the day time he acts as a one man consulting team for PR and marketing, not to mention the producer of the most prestigious events taking place in this city. Recently Omer was awarded by the mayor of Tel Aviv with a medal for his contribution and service to the city as part of his ongoing work with the Tel Aviv city hall as well as with the Israeli ministry of culture and the ministry for foreign affairs.

When you are a well known figure in a small city like Tel Aviv, people tend to have an opinion about you without really knowing who you are. I do know Omer, probably better than a lot of people in the city and I can tell you he is one of a kind. A big heart that loves people and loves to make them happy. He is as real as it gets, a remarkable conversation man, someone that knows how to compliment and knows how to make a point.

Last week I saw this new Israeli independent film called 2 in the night. In one of the opening scenes of the film, a couple leaving a club bumps into the man standing at the door. I could not stop laughing and so did the entire movie theatre. The man at the door was Omer Gershon, playing Omer Gershon to the extreme. The beauty of it was he was laughing at himself, a quality not many have, and it was refreshing. When I talked to Omer about it he said: “ There is nothing worse than taking yourself too seriously”. I like that about him.

Omer loves what he does and lives it to the fullest, but Omer has an entirely different world he lives in everyday that moves him and fills his passions. He has a crush with classical music, he reads more books that one can imagine, all in foreign languages (Omer is fluent in Hebrew, English, French, German and understands a few more…) and all are what one might call heavy… The holocaust is a subject he cannot stop reading about, history books, wars, biographies and the list goes on. When I ask Omer why he is so interested in these subjects – he gives me the answer I already know as a history lover myself – “I want to learn about the future”.

And as for Omer and myself. I’m happy I have Omer in my life, and if I had to summarize our relationship in a few words, I would say Omer gets me, and well, I get him, and that’s a lot in this crazy city where you don’t always get what you see.

Omer is one of my Telavivians. I asked him to point out his. Omer’s telavivian will be coming soon…


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