by Dalit Nemirovsky | 01.10.12

Alex Fito for elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca

What we can’t have in real life we have in dreams, our biggest fears become reality in our dreams, what we want more then anything is ours when we dream, what is impossible in the real world becomes easy in dreams. Our hopes, fears and our dreams – these are the things dreams are made of. Sometimes when I go to sleep at night I can hear my little boy dream. Sometimes he talks and laughs, sometimes he cries. When he cries and wakes up, I always say; “ It’s just a dream, go back to sleep”. When he talks and laughs, I smile to myself.

“Journey among Dreams” is a new exhibition that evokes a dialogue and reflection on the concept of dreams and wishes. The exhibition examines what composes our and our children’s dreams. It takes us adults back to the districts of childhood memories, fantasy, innocence and simplicity, and connects us to many magical moments we experience with ourselves and with our children.

Israel Barrón for elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca

“Journey among Dreams” is a collaboration with Israeli artists, creators and graduates from leading arts and design academies around Israel. In addition, the exhibition showcases 33 works from the Elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca project – the international dream project by “The Dream Collector” Roger Omar, during which he wandered and collected evidence of children’s dreams around the world. These evidences were transformed by artists and illustrators into visual interpretations of the collected dreams.

Teppo Manninen for elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca

A new original animated film directed by Neta Holzer (Waltz with Bashir animator) and Yoav Rodeh will make its debut at the exhibition, dealing with children’s dreams from the aspects of science and fantasy, followed by the publication of a new children’s book inspired by the film.

Parallel to the exhibition, a social/educational project was initiated in elementary schools across the country, dedicated to adding hours of enrichment and content on dreams to the school curriculum, encouraging children towards artistic creation inspired by their dreams.

“Journey among Dreams” is the brainchild of Limor Lahav Margulis who spent the last 18 months putting together the exhibition which she sees as a long-term project with endless content channels, and a deep social and educational importance.

Exhibition dates: 28.8.12-20.10.12
Jaffa Museum of Antiquities.
The Old Saraya Building, 10 Mifraz Shlomo St., Old Jaffa




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