THE TELAVIVIANS | Moshe Pini Siluk

by Dalit Nemirovsky | 21.09.12


Moshe Pini Siluk is one of My Telavivians. He is 29 years old, lives and works in Tel Aviv.
Ok, the last sentence is not entirely true since Siluk is about to move to the big apple and only time will tell when he’ll be back, but that doesn’t change the fact that Siluk will always stay a telavivian at heart. Leaving to NY is a chance to see new things, get inspiration and just open his mind.

Moshe Pini Siluk is a photographer and a dam good one. Today, Siluk is mostly known for his unique staged photography. He photographs mainly portraits (self portraits as well) always taking his subjects and himself to the extreme, both in creating the scene and in the long hours he puts in the images digital processing.

He started his career in the Tel Aviv night scene shooting for Layla (night in Hebrew) magazine from the early age of 18. He quickly became a chief photographer for the magazine in charge of the entire photography staff , yet keeping the best parties for his own camera.

If you are regular visitor to the Tel Aviv party clubs in the past 10 years, you must have seen Siluk with his camera, walking all around the club capturing the moments when the atmosphere is at its pick and as often happens in Tel Aviv – all hell breaks loose. If you go through Siluk’s archive it seems like any one who ever took part in the night scene here was captured by Siluk and every moment in Tel Aviv night life went through his lens.

Siluk has been photographing Since he was 18, but it was only after taking a photography course during his communication and management degree that he decided it was his career. Since then, he continued to capture Tel Aviv night scene but when he got a chance to shoot a cover for one of the weekly magazines published in Israel, he got his real break. Siluk quickly understood he needs a personal angle and for him it was making up stories and I mean it in the very best possible sense.

He needed a story for his subjects, a scene to be played in his head and a scene for him to direct, so the viewers will get the story in a one shot still image. After completing the staged photography sessions Siluk moves on to the next step and works hours on every image making it his own using digital processing we simply know as Photoshop. Photoshop has a bad reputation in many cases but what Siluk does with it can only be described as art. In the past years, if you know Siluk’s work you will recognize it on magazine covers, series of portraits and more, all under the Moshe Pini Siluk mark – you know it is his when you see it, there is no doubt.

And finally there is Siluk’s passion for music. It has been with him since his early years in the night clubs and it is still with him in the long hours he spends on his computer. No music , no work.

So, Siluk is moving to NY to explore new options and sets his mind on a new path this time trying to deal with documentary photography. I can tell you this – after you watch his work with staged photography and the work he does with digital processing, one can only wonder what will documentary photography will bring out of this talented guy.


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