by Dalit Nemirovsky | 13.09.12

Lucy Dubinchik

I would think that when internationally acclaimed artist Angelika Sher presents a solo exhibition its a good enough reason to go see it. But when a unique collaboration of this artist with one of the most interesting theaters in Israel is taking place, I would say it’s a must.
Inspired by the book “History of Beauty” by Umberto Eco, Sher created a series of still images featuring the actors of the remarkable GESHER theatre. In her new exhibition each of the actors is a representative of a different kind of beauty, beauty as expressed in a particular period in art history from the Renaissance to Post-Modernism. Like Umberto Eco’s History of Beauty, Sher follows the concept of beauty from period to period using the actors as models of each Era.

Sasha Damidov

Actor Sasha Damidov was photographed as the Renaissance man: the ideal of nobility, endowed with an inner harmony. Lena Kreindlin was photographed in the 16th century style: a light profile against a dark background which emphasizes the nobility and feminine delicacy, but dims the individual dimension. Alon Friedman photographed in a Baroque style, Lucy Dubinchik in a Romantic style where the human was introduced as a spiritual personality, creative and passionate. Efrat Ben Zur as a femme fatale in the film Noir style and Henry David as an American actor defining male beauty.

Henry David

Efrat Ben Zur

The photographs of these actors and more will be on display at Zemac Gallery in Tel Aviv as of September 18 – the opening night at which the photographs will be placed for sale, using all incomes as a contribution to GESHER Theatre.

18.09.2012 – 26.10.2012  | Angelika Sher & Zemack Gallery Fundraising event for Gesher Theater 
Hey B-iyar St. 68 Tel Aviv
T +972 3 6915060
F +972 3 6914582
Opening Hours: 
Sun.-Thur. 9:30-20:30
Fri. 9:30-15:00 



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  1. 01 Pitzie

    brilliant photographer /artist.
    And a beautiful blog!!!

  2. 02 dalitnemirovsky

    Thank you Pitzie, I appriciate it.

  3. 03 Tawfeek Barhum

    Wonderful work by wonderful woman!


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