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Adi Mahalu is one of my Telavivians. He is 30 years old, lives and works in Tel aviv, single and raises his beautiful son Raphael.
I met Adi about 7 years ago when I came into Retro-Tlv Gallery, where he worked. I guess we talked for a few minutes, but that was it. It was only 3 years ago that we crossed paths again.
It was Mati Broudo (another Telavivian you will meet soon) that took us both to work on his then new project – Rothschild 12.

Adi always had a passion for aesthetics. He studied gold craft and philosophy but then took his crafting skills to a new path. At the age of 22 he went into Retro-Tlv Gallery, a beautiful gallery/shop  selling restored last century vintage furniture and applied for a job. He got an assignment to restore a certain item and was hired immediately. At Retro Adi started working in restoration of furniture. As part of his new job he traveled as a buyer to flea markets, furniture & antique dealers in Europe and USA searching for the unique items that got his attention.
The next step was working on restoration of historical monuments since architecture was always in his interests. Adi took part in the restoration of a few of the most important monuments in Tel Aviv. One thing led to the other and today Adi is involved in different real estate projects with a dedication to aesthetics that is always there.

But Adi’s day job wasn’t enough, he turned out to be a night owl as well.
If you come by Rothschild 12 at night , you will find Adi there – a part of a duo in charge of the music scene of the place. Music was always a big part of Adi’s life and last year he founded a remarkable music project called  HAPROYECT.COM. HAPROYECT (“The project” in Hebrew) is a music blog that presents specially created video clips of Israeli musicians. The idea was to place the musician in an intimate atmosphere different than what one would expect to see, and therefor get a new clean perspective on the artist, the lyrics, the melody, basically – the whole experience.

These days, Adi and I are close friends. Life brought us closer as we both went through separation from our partners and are both single parents living in Tel Aviv. We still work together sometimes on different projects and he’s just one cool guy I love.
Adi is one of my Telavivians.I asked him to point out his. Adi’s telavivian will be coming soon…

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