by Dalit Nemirovsky | 06.09.12
Shanthamani M., Kali, 2012


SUMMER 2012 at Rosenfeld gallery is over and the winds of autumn are getting closer with a new and completely different exhibition this time dealing with Indian Art.

DAYS OF OVERLAP deals with the point of view of the young generation of Indian artists. This generation is no longer committed to the national narrative and chooses to deal with a narrative that is mainly about the individual and the private. As such, the work exhibited deals with the real problems the young generation in India encounters such as the socio-economical issues, marriage among children, political corruption etc.

Neha Thakar, Feather I, 2012


lately we have seen a lot of protest art the rose from the protest that took over Israel in the past year. This exhibition is an opportunity to see how artists from the other side of the world use their craft to showcase the real daily issues they encounter.

Mahesh Baliga, Wise Fools, 2011


Curator: Anne Maniglier

Participating artists: Mahesh Baliga, Bhrigu KR Sharma, .M Shanthamani, Preksha Tater, Neha Thakar, Lochan Upadhyay, Asim Waqif and Ofri Lapid with a special project.

Opening event: 6/9/12  20:00

Exhibition dates: 6/9/12 – 13/10/12

Tues. – Thur. 12-19, Fri. 11-14, Sat. 11-13, Mon. by appointment

1 Shvil HaMif’al St., Tel-Aviv, Israel, 66535.
For GPS search use only: 1 Ha-Mif’al st., Tel Aviv.



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