Creation Cycle | Turning junk into art

by Dalit Nemirovsky | 21.08.12

Who can deny the amount of waste being thrown out every day and who knows where it’s all going. We live in an era of development, of rapid change and consumption. What we buy today we throw out tomorrow. That‘s why C-Cycle was formed, a concept of re-creation discovering new ways of looking at leftovers.
In this project artists from different fields will participate in what the initiators call the Creation Cycle – what one throws away is another person’s subject of creation. Artists will use the waste found on the streets or in warehouses to invent newconcepts, giving it a new life and a different value. Turning junk into art. In C-CYCLE 24 talented creative artists will build and produce new art by cutting, breaking or joining junk parts together in ways one might not have thought of..

This project is the brain child of 4 young telavivians who share the passion for creative art although it’s not necessarily their main occupation in life.
Gil Zeevi is a 28 year old Med student with a passion for art he got from his mother who is a painter, Tom Genossar, 26 years old is about to start Veterinary school and just has a thing for art and design, Danielle faigenbaum , 29 years old is a graduate of Art and Photography school in NY and deals mainly with phototherapy and last but not least Deborah Shahar, 26 years old writer who came back to Tel Aviv after studying abroad in London and Paris and writes about lifestyle and culture.

Photo by: Dean Avisar

Have I already mentioned how creative are the young people in Tel Aviv???

Creation Cycle exhibition will be held at Hangar 2, Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv between the 28/08-02/09/2012   |  Save the date!

Entrance is free.

Facebook event:!/events/250457495075766/


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