by Dalit Nemirovsky | 19.08.12


Ziv Koren is one of my Telavivivans.

Some of you might recognize him and for those who don’t, Ziv is one of the most remarkable photojournalists of our time. His award winning work has been published in the most important magazines and his projects are known for being one of a kind and breath taking in their ability to capture still moments. Koren’s main interest are humanitarian issues which are often the subject of his documentary projects such as the Israeli-Arab conflict, poverty, the Tusnami, the Haiti earthquake, to name a few. Alongside these documentary projects and many more Ziv photographs the city he lives in on a daily basis, capturing Telavivian moments at their height.

I met Ziv in 2005 on the set of the film “Free Zone” by Amos Gitai where we both worked. We have been close friends ever since and we spend a lot of time talking about our projects although never done one together. YET.
In simple words – apart from being such a remarkable artist, Ziv is just the coolest guy I know…

Ziv is 42 years old, works and lives in Tel Aviv with his wife Galit and their two daughters.
I asked him to point out his Telavivian. Ziv’s Telavivian will be coming soon..


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  1. 01 Katya

    Thanks for posting, you made me aware of my ignorance! Just checked out Ziv’s site, his works are amazing!
    I’m a new reader, just discovered Telalivian, and I have to say, you all guys are doing a great job!
    I really enjoyed reading your blog, and waiting for more!



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