by Dalit Nemirovsky | 16.08.12


Yael Zafrir is one of my Telavivians.

She is 37 years old, lives in Tel Aviv with Avner and their two children. Yael is an actress in the Habima National Theatre. Her list of roles include Jenny in The shape of things, Kristen in The Perfect idiot, she is part of the amazing trio of the Vagina Monologues and the list goes on. These days Yeal is about to complete her degree in Film Direction from the Tel Aviv university.

The first time I saw Yael was on TV. She was one of the most talked about figures in the first season of the Israeli version for Survaival. Israelis watching the screen couldn’t help themselves but fall in love with this vital red hair. So did I.

A few years later I met Yael in the kindergarten where her oldest son and my Yonatan go to. Since then we found ourselves hanging out with the kids in the neighborhood garden in the afternoons talking about life. It didn’t take long for our dates to move to the evenings holding a drink in our hands talking about girls stuff…
One thing Yael’s photo will never tell you is that she has the most funny, one of a kind laughter you will ever hear. It’s infectious.

Yael is one of my Telavivivans. I asked her to point out hers. Yael’s Telavivian will be coming soon..


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