by Dalit Nemirovsky | 11.08.12


Meir Cohen is one of my Telavivians.
He is 39 years old and lives in Tel Aviv with his partner Amir.

In his day job Meir is the Deputy Director of ADD agency and one of the most talented agents in the Israeli modeling field. But Meir is also a super talented photographer – a talent he discovered about 2 years ago when he started taking photographs on his iPhone camera, uploading them to Instegram and well, the rest is history. If you are not following him yet, look up Meirco on Instegram and you’ll see what I mean. Proud to say I was among the first people who saw how talented this guy is and in June 2012 I produced Meir’s first solo exhibition.

I met Meir 8 years ago on a boat, somewhere in the middle of the ocean between two islands in Thailand. We were sitting across one another with our then boyfriends and we just started talking. We ended up spending the next two weeks of the vacation glued together (with the boyfriends…) and had an out of this world trip.

We came back and sadly did not keep in touch. But…things happen as they should. A year ago, we met in an exhibition of a mutual friend and decided to have coffee… we had coffee, we talked for hours, he showed me his photographs, we did some catching up and things just slowly went where they were supposed to. Since our reunion, we worked together on his exhibition and went back to being close friends. The more time we spent with one another the more we realized spending time together brings out our creativity and that’s the greatest feeling you can have with a friend.


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