by Dalit Nemirovsky | 09.08.12

Ok, here goes, I’m the first Telavivian on my Telavivians project.
I’m 34 years old, live in Tel Aviv with my son Yonatan and our Golden Retriever June.
As you already know, I’m a blogger for 
Telavivian … but that’s kind of new. I’m the editor and co-publisher of the book City Guide Tel Aviv ; the co-publisher and producer of Programma Art magazine and other publications smaller in scale. I produce art exhibitions, have been involved in a few cinema related projects and I’m always looking for the next best thing in Tel Aviv and if it’s not here I want to get it here…
I love this city and I think it has a crazy amount of talented people. I love it because it is so small it feels like a village and yet it is a city where you can never know what to expect and surprise is always around the corner. It’s a city that makes you feel that the future is right around the corner.
I love this city in the evenings especially on summer nights when everything calms down a little and the sun goes down, a little breeze comes my way and for a brief moment it just feels like something good is on its way.
I love it for the same reasons I sometimes hate it. It’s the city were opportunities for love are endless and then again nonexistent. It’s a city that lives from moment to moment.
I love it because if I wake up and I don’t know if it’s night or day, winter or summer, Sunday or Saturday, the one feeling I do have is chances are something interesting will happen to me today, and you know what, it doesn’t always happen, but the feeling that it could is pretty dam great.
So, I start my Telavivians project with me – I am the first one (you should always start at the beginning…) and I’m branching out.
This photo of me was taken by my next Telavivian Meir Cohen.
Read about The Telavivians project.



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  1. 01 MC


  2. 02 tamar magnes

    Tel Aviv is a love story.
    Now i am a New Yorker, Yet for ever i will feel i am “tel avivit” in my soul.
    When i am in TLV my harts explodes.

    Thanks for this blog! felt every word

  3. 03 dalitnemirovsky

    Thank you Tamar 🙂


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