by Dalit Nemirovsky | 07.08.12

Woody Allen is a filmmaker you either love or love to hate. I love him. Yesterday I saw his latest film To Rome with love and I thought about how lucky are the cities that star in his films. Sure, they are the most beautiful cities in the world but Allen adds them a charm you can only feel in the movies… So, After Barcelona, Paris and Rome, What are the chances Woody Allen’s next film will be shot in Tel Aviv? Chances are slim I know, but one can dream…


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  1. 01 Kanchan

    I visited Tel Aviv in June this year and so absolutely loved it that I extended a week’s stay to three weeks. Its a vibrant city that excites all six senses in its true meaning. Little does the average global traveler know of the emotions it evokes. There are so many stories behind each house, street and turn…..Woody Allen making a film in Tel Aviv is on the edge of reality about to happen.
    I will wait for that.K


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