herzl goes to the party

by Dalit Nemirovsky | 02.08.12

If you haven’t seen the work of photographer Moshe Pini Siluk by now, grab the chance to see his new exhibition at the Montefiore gallery open till August 15th.

Although young, Siluk has been around the block and no matter who is the subject of his photographs he always takes them to the limit. This time he took himself there, placing his own image in front of his camera although I’m not sure you will recognize him. Siluk transformed himself in most authentic way into Frida Kahlo, Charlie Chaplin, Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Goch, Theodor Herzl and more. Using digital photography and computer processing he transformed these larger than life figures and made them his own. So, if you’re up for some history going modern in your face, don’t miss it.

Montefiroe Gallery / Auction house | 36 Gordon St.


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