Coffee city

by Dalit Nemirovsky | 26.07.12

Tel Aviv is probably the city with the best coffee culture I know. Sounds strange? If you are a first time visitor to Tel Aviv, sit down somewhere take a cup of coffee which people here know how to prepare and soak it up..  I do it every day…. and don’t be surprised if it looks like no one has a job in Tel Aviv and they are all just sitting in cafes the whole time. It’s just the way things are done here.


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2 Responses

  1. 01 Silvia

    Mitgagaat laAretz!! Tel Aviv is a coffee shop lover’s dream come true!!

    I can’t wait to go back-my dream is to spend a whole month in TLV. In the meantime your blog helps quench that thirst! Todah!

  2. 02 dalitnemirovsky

    Hey Silvia, I’m happy my blog brings good memories! hope your dream to come here and have a good cup of coffee will come true soon….


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